Wednesday, February 24, 2016

24 Feb 2016


Level Test Preparation wk 
Self practice- additional diff. handout
Complete amath revision wk till qn 6(skip qn 4)
 Self-practice: LT 1 paper
 Checkpoint for energy changes- Friday
 Halogen fuel cell wk - NEXT WED
Chem SPA Practice wk 
Oxidation and reduction wb wk- friday 

Biology(Triple Science Students)
presentation- next Wednesday 
2 level test papers- next wednesday 
Social Studies:
Useful vs. not useful stance

 Qn 1a,1b, 1d- next week 

Note: Please submit any outstanding homework to Ms Laura Ng's pigeon hole ASAP 
Victoria Paper spreadsheet- tomorrow 
 English Video on the Rubber Boy video 
Analysing summary 
 St. Patricks paper- Next tuesday 

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